The primary goal of this course to introduce UW students to India’s environmental policies pertaining to conservation and development. Through lectures, discussions and individual research, students will gain insights about how these policies were developed, put in place, and their outcomes.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Anne Nicole Reed and Alana Elder present their human-elephant conflict research at URD 2015

Anne Nicole Reed (Wildlife Biology & Fisheries Management major & ENR minor), and Alana Elder (Agroecology major and ENR minor) presented their human-elephant conflict research in the 2015 Undergraduate Research Day (May 1, 2015 - Laramie, WY).

Their research was focused on identifying the causes of human-elephant conflicts and its impacts on agriculture in and around Coimbatore, India. This area is part of the Western Ghats which is designated as one of the biodiversity hotspots. Increase in the number of human-elephant conflicts since early 1980s can be attributed to reasons such as human encroachment leading to habitat fragmentation and decline in the quality of elephant habitat.